When Blaine and I were growing up, Mom and Dad tried to grow veggies in the back yard.

Dad actually started with Potatoes in the front yard but Blaine and I wanted a lawn just as we saw in movies about a perfect American life.  A lawn where we could play football and wrestle around.  Dad eventually agreed and we had a lawn in the front yard.

A side story is where Dad tried to make an electric lawn mower when we eventually had grass,  but that is another story.

In the back yard, in the clay soil they planted veggies.  In the Sask warm sun and lots of watering we had prodigious growth.

Blaine and I raided the garden every day.  First growth of peas were consumed long before Mom got home to harvest them.  Fresh carrots hugged out of the ground, delicious.

But my best memories were of the radishes. As soon as Blaine and I determined that they were ready we would pull them out and … crunch.  The little heat and the great flavour.  If they stayed even 3 days in the ground they turned woody.

We went to a farmers market yesterday and bought fresh radishes just out of the ground.  I crunched on one and it took me back to being 8 years old raiding mother’s garden.