Tomorrow night we are hosting a Launch Party for HMS Themis.  Kind of a big deal.

We are providing wine and beer and appetizers for 20 guests to celebrate the completion of my frigate model Themis.  Even though everyone is a guest and will get free drinks and food for the sole purpose of honoring me, Pat has been busy cleaning and sterilizing the house.  Heaven forbid one of the lady friends show up and find some dust somewhere.

This afternoon I am downstairs working on the next Model and Reese was sent down to keep me company while Pat scrubs the floor.  I do have a mat for Reese to sleep on but, she is not keen.

I have a bag of small treats for her, and Pat is adamant that I should not spoil her.

I admit I have a big bag of peanuts in the shell that I treat myself to in the afternoon.  Bit messy.  File some frames and have a couple of peanuts.

Reese realizes this.  I had given her a couple of little treats early but as the hours go on, she sees me having my little treats and starts to beg.  Never going to give her peanuts.

There I was sitting on my chair working and she is on her haunches looking at me with her big brown eyes asking why I get treats and she does not.

I explained patiently to Reese that if she is a Buddhist, she should realize that in her next life she could come back as a higher form and then she would get more treats.

Not sure if she understood.  She eventually lay on the mat until Pat allowed us to come upstairs.