I sometimes wonder if I could have made a successful politician or famous male person.  I mean I have the ability to talk in front of crowds and am not repulsive looking, but I suspect the secret is not to have photos or have a string of ladies come out with stories later in life.

We are all seeing the photos of Justin these days.  Granted I am not a Justin fan and all of this just proves my theory that he is a immature dilettante who rose from high school teacher to Prime Minister of Canada purely based on being pretty and the son of a famous PM.  He loves to dress up.  (India trip for example!)

Anyway that is not the point.  So he put on a costume with brown face.  Obviously he had money for the costume because in 2001 I would have loved to have been able to afford the outfit he could put together for a party.  But even if I had no aspirations of politics, by 2001 I probably would not have chosen that particular image.

Now granted, is my background clear?  I admit that I did dress up as a first nation / Indigenous person in a costume.  Granted I was 8 years old and it was Halloween.  I suspect there are no photos so I am probably clear.  There are pictures of me as Sir Percy Blakeney (the Scarlet Pimpernel) but again I cannot see that as an issue.  Justin also probably thought the same thing at the time.  Lets face it.. good costume.

Then there is the Prince Andrew picture with his arm around a 17 year old.  I will admit that there are pictures of me with an arm around a 17 year old, but as I was 17 at the time, and it was a high school dance, probably, again not an issue.

So it comes down to my writings and blogs.  I have done a complete archive of my published material… I think I am pretty clear. Some opinions… but nothing that could get in the papers (well as long as the kids go along with the story).

So maybe I should stand for Prime Minister of Canada.  Good looking wife and great kids (none with drug related arrests that I am aware of).  The whole nine yards with a yard and a dog.

Better educated than Justin, maybe not as pretty, but better lifetime judgement and more important, NO HISTORY OF A SCANDAL… Whadda you think?