When we visit our techy kids they have this system that allows you to say HEY SIRI and ask for anything.  Well anything that a mindless robot with no arms can do.  Turn up the music or turn down the lights.  Kind of limited.

I have been trying to train our own smart assistant to respond to HEY REESE.  Hey Reese turn up the volume.. hey Reese fetch me my sandals.. hey Reese define ameliorate.   To limited success.

Granted she is mostly deaf, but still when I say HEY REESE I am cutting up peppers do you want to come?… not even finished and she is there.  Do not even think about how fast she shows up when I say HEY REESE I am chopping Bacon… she is there.

Everyone loves SIRI but does she cuddle with you on the Couch?  Well neither does Reese with me. She will cuddle with Pat, but I think this is only a matter of more training.

So far I have succeeded to when I say HEY REESE… golfers going by on the course, protect us.  She is on that immediately with lots of barks.  She is doing well on that skill.

Lots of hope for future assistant roles.