This is the model of The Mathew I am building for Meagan and Jorg.  I made this same model several years ago for Ryan and Corrie, but enjoyed it so much, I decided to do it again.

It is an easier technique in the build than the previous Frigate because the bulkheads are cut from Baltic plywood instead of forming all the frames.  This is the way kit models are made.

Works for this ship because there are no lower areas shown below the main deck.  Still an attractive model.  The upper frames are still pear wood.

Purpose for this blog is show the progress.  I am in the process of applying the hull planks up from the keel.  Love this stage as every plank has to be curved to fit and I get to use my treenails.

However the picture shows the detail I want to point out, the clamp fixture.  This allows me to tilt the model back and forth to apply the hull planks.

The device was made for me by my friend Harry after I finished his model of the Golden Hind.  Harry has skills in welding and metal work that I do not have.

This building frame has been a godsend.