Pat and I are off tomorrow to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with Blaine and Lisa.  So time to clear the fridge of all the leftovers from our week of meals.

There is no question, it is difficult to prepare an interesting meal for only two people, well aside from BBQ.

So we prepare dinners during the weekend and then re-enjoy the meal later in the week.  I have no idea why we prepare the fancy meals on the weekend as we are retired, but we do because of events that we attend on weekdays.  Normally we space the leftovers out.

But as we are off tomorrow, we cleared the fridge and had a buffet of excellence.  Stir fried pork with veggies and cashews,  chicken pot pie… with creamy potato salad

You might have to go to… well maybe not expensive, buffet restaurants to experience this meal.

Rider game tonight so must sign off.