I have been watching This Old House on TV for over 40 years.  Love the program.  I never had any formal training on working in a home and have to admit much of what I have learned on framing and installing windows and doors came from watching episodes with the many details.

These days you can see all these skills on U Tube but I still love this program and the side show Ask This Old House.

They introduce new technology in homes all the time.  I first heard about tankless water heaters (which we have) on an episode.  Just one example.

Saw an episode recently that really could be a new thing.  A clothes drier that is not vented outside.  It is basically a heat pump that uses the reverse of heating and cooling to dry air and dry clothes.  All you need is a drain to take away the water.  Uses half the energy of a traditional clothes drier and can be placed any location where you have a drain tube.

As Jack Aubrey (Captain) said in Master and Commander… It is a marvelous new world we live in…