The wife and I attend many little meetings with our various groups.  Executive meetings for Probus and meetings for the dance or party organizing events that fill our year. These are typically 10 am until noon (so as not to interfere with those who golf).

It has been become more common for the person hosting a meeting, to not only supply coffee, but pastries and fruit.  Actually this sometimes has gone kind of crazy with every meeting having something more exotic.

When I am hosting a meeting I have one special treat… fresh bran muffins with raisins or cranberries.  Still warm out of the oven.  Pat often adds some fruit on the side… but not needed as my muffins are famous.

Meeting after meeting, the ladies ask for the secret to the muffins that I make because they are so great.  What is the recipe?  They have a buttery flavour and just the best mix of fruit.  I tell them that it is a family secret but I keep being pressed.

Well here is the secret for my Blog family.  I buy Quaker Bran muffin mix.  I stir in some raisins or fruit.  I use a bit of butter to line the muffin tins.  And serve within 3 hours.

You too can be a hero.