I realize I have to be much more boringly specific in the title for my Blog.

In the past I have told my blog followers of titles that lead to many responses beyond my target audience.

The most famous one was my blog from many years ago entitled  “Granddaughters are Easy”  Major responses on that one and I suspect I am still on a potential pedophile list with the RCMP.

I wrote about my bran muffin story earlier and included the word Muffin in the title.  I ended up with responses from many sources offering me (if I paid) optional recipes.  If I wanted optional recipes I could ask Lisa as she makes many great varieties.  But I do not.  Bran Muffin is my signature go-to treat.

But my core group of followers can still enjoy my personal blogs.

By the way tonight (it being Friday) I prepared for the bride, a halibut filet wrapped around shrimp and covered in Phyllo pastry and baked in the oven.    Not bad for a boy from Tregarva.