James sent me a couple of new eBooks to read a few weeks ago.  I always appreciate his suggestions because he has introduced me to great authors that I otherwise would not experience.

Probably the best example is the Andy Weir novel The Martian.  I remember when he sent me I thought “oh damn a Sci-Fi book”  Turned out to be one of my all time favorites and obviously a good book because they made a great movie about it.

His selections  last week were a two book story by Mary Kowal.  It is based on an alternate history.  In 1952 a huge meteor hits the east coast of US.  This is a meteor strike that will lead to the end of civilized life on earth over the next 100 years. Think of the end of dinosaurs.

So the space race is accelerated to settle people on the Moon and Mars.  Takes the NASA developments to land on the moon and cuts corners with all the cultural accouterments of the 1950s.  Female astronauts required to show up in public in dresses and 1950s limited developments in computer technology.

Anyway that is not the reason for this blog.  As the books progress the environment on earth is getting worse and worse.  Think of rapid advancement on the global warming scenarios we all hear about.

I was reading the book totally involved where the world is going for crap, when I took a break to walk Reese.

A beautiful day in Paradise.  A cool 10 C but crystal blue skies and the mountains are painted on the horizon.  Took a deep breath of our fresh air and gazed up into the sky.

It takes a book about an alternative future to realize what a wonderful world we live in.

Granted I am in Paradise and not in a polluted town in India or China, but what a great planet we live on.