It is Saturday…  Earlier this week there was a notice in our local paper asking for volunteers to help with the Fall cleanup of leaves, etc. at the oldest cemetery in the region.  This cemetery has the graves of all the original settlers in the valley, many through the decades up until WWII.  An Anglican cemetery.

This cemetery happens to be right next to the much larger community cemetery where Pat’s grandfather is buried.  As the area is covered in oaks and maples there are a ton of leaves.

So Pat and I decided we would join in with the volunteers this morning to clear the plots and sweep the leaves.

I know I brag about how wonderful Paradise is, but, there are mornings.   A Cool 6° C with a light drizzle and damp, very damp.

The cleanup effort was to start at 9 am but as we slept in we did not get on the road until 10.  Loaded the SUV with rakes and tarps, dressed in layers with outer rain gear, and headed off.  We were going to do the noble effort…

When we arrived at the cemetery we realized that there had to be at least 50 volunteers and they were in the last stages of clearing up.  Standing around enjoying the coffee and doughnuts offered.  We sat briefly in the car and said… Nuts, lets go home.

Now here is the conundrum.  We set off with good intentions, dressed accordingly, prepared to do the work.  But turned out not to be needed.

I argue that we get full points in the award system that gets you into heaven.  Pat disagrees.  I think we settled that we 2 out of 3 points for our noble effort.

Whaddah you think?