My fans will realize that I am publishing a blog about stew and might think this is a repeat.  Granted it was in 2012 so maybe this is fresh material.

It is a cool, well compared to the rest of the country, a relatively mild night, but raining and damp.  Fog all day looking out on the golf course.  All we needed were wolves howling in the distance  which would have set Reese off.

On the weekend we bought a Flank steak.  I keep reading about this as a favorite in southern US cooking.  Lots of flavour.  We bought one at the local butcher and the price was nice.  I marinated it overnight and slow cooked it, but still, it had the consistency of leather.  I guess a reason why it is a low-cost cut.

There was half of it left over, so I cubed it and tonight we made a stew.

We save all the leftover sauces from dishes we enjoy and freeze in little bags.  A big batch of mushroom gravy was the base. but many little additions from the freezer.

We prepared butternut squash, turnips, small potatoes carrots etc and after blanching added them to the slowly simmering meat.  Simmered everything until soft.

Dished it out and it was lovely (granted the meat was still a bit chewy) but everything else was delicious.

Every time I have stew I am reminded of the scene in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly where Lee Van Cleef visits a small family and insists on joining them for dinner where he dips into the stew with a wooden spoon and it looks delicious, just before he kills the husband.  I am sorry but every time I dip into a good stew, I think of that scene.