It is a miserable evening in Paradise.   A Pacific storm is bringing in rain and wind.

Strangely yesterday was a perfect winter day.  Blue skies and no wind although a cool 0 C.  Our hiking group had a great day.  But we had been warned that there was a storm coming.

We in Paradise came off much better than Vancouver.  Blaine had to use his new snowblower to heroically clear the area to allow emergency vehicles to get into his neighborhood … well that may be exaggerated.

Here we just had cold rain and wind.  As a result Reese did not get her walks today.  But she needed relief.

So after dinner I bundled up and took her for a walk in her raincoat.  Now she could have cooperated by doing her business in our front yard.. but no.  We had to head through the rain and wind until she found the perfect piece of lawn a few blocks away that she needed.  We made it back home.

Of course my fans will realize I was doing this while the wife was policing the area and doing the dishes.

Reese is relaxing in front of the fireplace and I am about to join her.