Sometimes it is good that I am getting old and no longer have to keep up with the latest technology.

I was reading in the Economist about the commercialization of Quantum Computers.  These are going to be life changers.  Imagine the biggest computer you can think of.  The IBM super computer for instance operated by the US NSA with millions of chips.  Quadrillions of bytes if you can get your mind around it.  Well you would have to have a Super Computer  the size of North America to match the computing power of the Quantum Computers.

They are so fast that there is no encryption that is safe.  Blackberry messages can be broken in seconds.  You can determine the final number in Pi.  Every secret can be determined.

What is the DNA sequence of every human being,  where is all the money stored by criminals… what are the true odds that the Maple Leafs win the Stanley cup… where is Jimmy Hoffa buried (actually I know that one as we watched the movie The Irishman)  what is the secret of life?

The scary part is that there will be no secrets.  Your 8 digit code to get into your bank account, 5 seconds of work to discover.  Your email access trivial.  Finger prints and eye scans may be needed but within a few years not good enough.  May have to go back to keeping your money under the mattress.

How is a normal human being going to keep up.  I mean when I see Janine talking to her wristwatch and checking her text messages, I realize I am falling behind.

Good thing I am getting older and will not have to experience all this.