For those who might follow my blog, I have to admit that we live in the North American Northwest and particularly in the region that is expecting a major earthquake sometime in the future.

As they keep telling us, it is not “if”  it is ‘when’.

Easy to trivialize this, but when it happens we could have a problem.  Granted we live 100 meters above sea level (so unlikely Tsunami)  and our home was built to the BC earthquake requirements, but it could be a traumatic event when it happens.

Pat and I attended a presentation about how to prepare our home and life for the cataclysmic event.    Make sure you have water and food and protection but how do you protect yourself from the loss of electricity and gas.  Do not even go there for having shotguns to protect our little bit of resources from zombies… but that is another concern.

A recommendation was to secure a device that was not dependent on batteries that might lie in our collapsed home.  A device that could not be destroyed by a Neutron bomb.

Today I purchased a machine that will be a great asset when the major event takes place.  It has a hand crank that powers a flashlight and a radio and power to recharge our cell phone as well as those who have a smartphone. Just a few cranks and we can search for any civilization that still exists.

Granted we may have to hide it from the hoards of desperate people in the event of a huge earthquake trying to recharge their devices so they can Facebook, but I have a Machete.