The term of Crowsnest goes back 600 years in sailing ships.  When the advancement of ships allowed for an extension above the main mast, the builders had to build a top at the base of the top mast so the sailors could work on the top sail without falling over.
So they build little cages and in the early ships this was a rattan cage which sailors called crows nests because that is what they looked like.

By the late 1400s this top working area had become fairly standard and much more sturdy.

I am making the model of The Mathew for Meagan and Jorg.  I had previously made this model for Ryan and Corey years ago but as I enjoyed it am doing a repeat.

Even with advancing age, my skills get better and I pride myself in the little details.  Over the last few days I have assembled the Crowsnest for the Mathew.  I think I did a wonderful job.

When I came up to help Pat in preparation of our dinner tonight I showed it to her with pride.  I suspect it was like Shakespeare when he finished a good sonnet wanting to share it with his wife.

I do realize that I could easily make this piece if I bought a 3D printer in far less time and I suspect that is what future model builders will do… but I am proud of this.  Made of boxwood of course.