We thought we would not get into the zombie panic about isolating yourself due to the Covid 19 issue… but it did kind of remind us to start to look at our inventory of food.

A couple of months ago (way before the virus issue) we had a speaker at our Club who told us how to prepare for the BIG ONE — in this case, the earthquake that will isolate our little island.  Make sure you have at least 2 weeks of food on hand and the mini propane tanks with a stove to keep yourself nourished.

Now I took this to heart and purchased an emergency device that, with hand cranking, would charge a battery and allow us to contact people and listen to a radio.  Thought it was so neat, I purchased one as a birthday gift for my brother.

Which kind of puts the rest of the family in perspective because I only bought one for my brother.

Anyway… the current issue about Covid 19 is telling us that if we come down with symptoms, we should be prepared to isolate ourselves for 2 weeks in the home and live off the larder.  Well, Costco is where you go for that.  Strangely, for some reason, people are thinking that Covid 19 leads to … well let us say … runny diarrhea so toilet paper sells out every day.  Go figure.

Even though I think that this is not quite that serious yet, we did look at our inventory and thought if we needed to isolate ourselves we needed more pasta and pasta sauce, and you can buy that in bulk at Costco.  So today I bought a huge package of a variety of pasta noodles and lots of Paul Newman sauces.

As it is Friday night.. and our friends Terry and Wayne left us with fresh smoked salmon bits, I decided to make a meal that Pat loves.  Smoked salmon Alfredo with peas on pasta.  The huge bundles of pasta from Costco came with Gemelli noodles so I decided to prepare the dinner using these.

Apparently a mistake.  Gemelli noodles must be the ones they serve in really poor areas in Italy.  The kind they would serve when they are in a 2 week quarantine.  Kind of mealy.

In any event we have lots of options in case the worst happens…   We have bottles of wine in the inventory and, while I may need to stock up on Rum, we should be Okay.