Well one thing about Isolation, it gives me more time to work on The Mathew.  Beyond walking Reese and watching all the programs that I have been recording for the last year, this is how I spend the afternoon.  No Probus meetings, no hiking (except with Reese) no golfing.

As a result I am nearing completion of The Mathew.  I keep finding little details or changes to delay the finish, but it is getting close.  This one goes to Meagan and Jorg as they believe the Chinese Junk I made for them is only a minor model.  They will have to wait until delivery.

Ordinarily I do not start a new project at this time of year with yard work and trips, but fortunately I foresaw this situation last year and purchased plans for a French Frigate of 1820.  More about this in future blogs.

Anyway here is the status as of this afternoon …  By the way check the hippie hair length.  Going to have to braid it if this situation goes on much longer.