With Isolation continuing and pantries running thin, you have to think of the horrible meals that have to be consumed around the world that we may have to resort to.

First one is Haggis.  Think about it.  Ground up sheep liver, lungs, heart and who knows what else, mixed with oatmeal and stuffed into a sheep’s stomach.  No wonder Scottish people fled to populate the colonies.





Then there is chicken feet.  I realize that chicken wings used to be thrown out until some bar in Buffalo NY discovered high margins on selling wings… but feet… you know where they have been?



Now every guy will tell you that no matter what you cook, deep frying makes it better, but deep fried Rat?   Granted there is a lot of them around.  What do you serve as condiment?  Tartar sauce?







As the world population grows we will need protein and all the experts say insect protein is more efficiently produced than beef.. but I am not yet ready.







Finally the worst meal you could ever have.  A typical English Breakfast.  A heart attack on a plate.