About 25 years ago, Patty and I were in Paris in June.  Sunday morning and as she attended mass (in french) I went in search of a bakery to pick up our breakfast.  I bought a French Baguette and had them slice it in half along with a selection of sliced cheeses.  Met up with Pat and we sat beside a fountain in the sunshine and had a great breakfast.  I love Baguettes.

Well here we are in isolation and I have lots of flour and yeast.  Pat was planning to make her stew last night so I told he I would make a couple of baguettes.

Started at 8:30 in the morning and spent the next 6 hours kneading and resting the dough.  Ended up with two okay baguettes only slightly misshaped. Tasted great.

But I decided that 6 hours of effort and a messy kitchen is not worth it.  I will go back to buying them for a buck and a half at the local bakery.

Still if the world does collapse, I have the knowledge.