If you are like Patty and me, you like your Parmesan cheese grated or sliced on many of your dishes.  Italian or otherwise.

I add grated Parmesan to omelettes and salads.  Never, ever buy the pre ground Parmesan cheese in the shake out containers. No idea where this was made and with the preservatives, does not taste like Parmesan.

I always start from a block of pure Parmigiano Reggiano.

We buy a block from Costco but it is always too huge to consume so I break it up into wedges.  Put the extra wedges through our vacuum seal bags and save the one piece.

But if you are like us, regardless if you try to keep this last piece in saran and a bag, it turns hard as a rock before it is used up.  Okay, good for grating but getting dried out.

I found a hint on the internet.  Take a piece of cotton cloth.  An old tee shirt many times washed. Soak it in water and wring it out.

Wrap the wedge of Parmesan in a paper towel and then wrap in the cotton.  Put in a sealed bag and keep in the fridge.

Every time you bring the wedge out to sliver or grate, it will be like fresh all the way to the rind.

Never get to old to learn things.