It is a rainy day in Paradise.  Not the torrential rains that other places get, but the light rain that keeps everything green around here.

So a good evening for a Pizza.  I have the flour and yeast and all the other ingredients.  I was watching a documentary on TV earlier this morning which made me delay the start of the dough.

I was doing the first 10 minutes of kneading when Pat reminded me at 11:30 we had to leave to go to Campbell River for a dental appointment for Reese.  A long affair.

Instead of the first proof of 45 minutes, it was 3 hours.  When we got home the dough was half the size of a basketball.  No problem, I fingering down and put it back in the bowl.

But with our schedule it was another 2 hours before rolling.  When the dough came out it was gorgeous.  I had slightly oiled it to keep from sticking in the bowl.  I rolled it out thin a wafer.  If I had the skill I could have spun it in the air.

We use a sheet of white laminate as our Pizza Peel (paddle).  You can see in the picture.  I took this wonderful thin dough and laid it on the Peel and loaded it with all the ingredients that you would pay big time for in a Pizza place.  Pepperoni, tomatoes, olives, peppers and three kinds of cheese including cubes of Feta.  It was beautiful.

The pizza stone was glowing hot in the oven when Pat and I tried to slide the pizza on.  Unfortunately I had forgotten to flour the Peel before laying on the dough.

We could not slide it off the peel.  I think if we had taken the laminate and turned it over, the guts would have fallen off and the dough would be stuck like glue.  We peeled and pushed and rolled and sprinkled flour like powder on a baby’s butt, and eventually got it onto the stone.  Not a pretty picture.

Still on the end, tasted great although I expect this pizza would have gotten Chandler fired.   I am not too old not to remember a lesson.