With the economy where it is these days there is a consideration to sell everything and buy gold coins says one advisor on the internet.

Okay that is a bit of a stretch, but I was thinking of this idea.

When I was a kid in the 50s I loved comic books including Donald Duck and my favorite character Scrooge McDuck.  He was rich and had a money bin.

For whatever reason he never gave any money to Donald.

Scrooge ended up with his own comic book series.  For some reason I remember well a particular issue where he was challenged by his nemesis who is the richest duck in the world.  Obviously a big contest these days.

In the comic both agree to convert all their wealth into gold coins and make a pile.  The bad guy (I do not remember his name) realizes that Scrooge’s pile is getting big and hires a scientist to use a shrinking ray to reduce Scrooge’s pile.  Pays him with a bucket of gold coins.  I forget why but the ray does not work and when the judges measure the piles the bad guy loses by the margin that one judge says was one bucket of gold coins.

I do not know why I remember this comic so well but every time I read of a financial advisor saying buy gold coins… well….

Granted if I had put all my wealth into gold in 1969 when I got married… I could be rich today. But as I had no wealth at that time, now a moot point.