See the picture.  The lawn in the backyard is perfect, well nearly so, but the best in several years.  After top dressing a few years ago with soil that included many weeds, we are back to the lawn that I aspired for.  Many hours of pulling weeds and cutting short.  Of course being out here in Paradise it is a lush, rich green.

Some background.  When Blaine and I were kids we begged Dad to replace the front potato patch with a lawn.  Why?  Because we saw that on TV (maybe Leave it to Beaver) and realized that a lawn was the symbol of a modern suburban family.  I think I may have even made the offer that I would mow it religiously.  As I recall when we eventually had the lawn I never did cut it.

Over the years with the many homes, I worked hard for a perfect lawn and had many good ones, and unlike me, our kids often did the mowing.  Always assured me they loved it!!

Now why do you want a perfect lush green lawn?  Well it looks good but it is there for the kids to roll around and do cartwheels.  Too late for that now.  Maybe the grandkids, again too late.

So I now have this gorgeous lawn in the back where it’s prime purpose is for Reese to use as a toilet.  Although she does love to roll around on it.