About every 5 years or so, I forget my failures and get tempted to again make a dish using phyllo pastry.  The instructions always say how easy it is.

We had some left over Black Forest ham , some Broccoli and Gruyere cheese so I decided to make ham and cheese packets.  Thawed out the package of phyllo and started to make my layers.  This is horribly delicate as it is like working with wet kleenex.  No matter how careful it shatters or folds over on itself.  You have to wear a mask because your very breath will blow it to pieces all over the kitchen.

I supposedly only needed half the package to make this dish but with all the failures used the entire pack up.  Not that I would have wanted any leftover anyway.

The finished packets looked no where near as neat as the photo with the recipe, but tasted great.

Maybe in 5 years I will try again.