There are two lessons that husbands are given on how to have a happy relationship with the bride.

The first lesson, and the most important, is never, never, never accompany your wife when she goes out to buy pants.  You do not want to be there when she comes out of the fitting booth and asks your opinion.  Just never be there!!!

The second one is, do not go shoe shopping with her.  Not that there are opinions that might get you punished as there is from the first lesson, but it is dead boring.  You could sit for hours watching shoes that look like every other one she has tried on.

Patty has been wearing the same pair of orthotic sandals for, going on 20 years.  These are sandals that she wears indoor.  As I remember very expensive at the time but they were getting to the stage that I could no longer repair.

This morning, we went off on a search, at the limited variety high-end shoe stores here in Paradise, for replacements.  No success. At one store I had to stay outside wearing my mask.

When we eventually got home and Patty was busy, I went on-line and searched for Mephisto, Birkenstock, Cambrian etc and found what I thought she wanted.  Downloaded a fitting sheet, measured her foot, and we ended up ordering a pair of Cambrian Agean sandals for her.  (not cheap)

I am a good husband, or as they say.. a keeper.