Earlier this week I joined our Probus group for our first golf date.  Ordinarily we do this in March but….

No particular reason why I have not been out playing because around here the courses have been open.  There is a guy I know who tells me he already has 20 rounds in.

In my case, I had not played a round since last September.  But my buddy Ross, is the Golf Coordinator for our club and always wants to play with me, so I signed up.

We went down to Arrowsmith a golf course near Qualicum Beach.  A good course to start because it is an executive length course meaning only 3500 yards with mainly par 3s and a couple of par 4s and one par 5.  An absolutely beautiful day.  The great thing about this course is that it gently slopes down with fabulous views of Mount Arrowsmith (hence the name).

So we are in the first group to tee off because my buddy is the organizer.  Lots of people there to watch.

Many years ago when I lived in Markham and our hockey group (400 players) had the first golf party to end the season, it was traditional for all the guys to gather at the first tee and kibbutz those teeing off.  To this day I remember the pressure because if you hit a slice or shanked it, you did not hear the end of it with boos.

So there we were at Arrowsmith.  I had not ruined my swing by going even once to a driving range in preparation.  I teed off first.  Took a couple of practice swings and proceeded to hit the ball long and straight down the fairway.  Maybe not 300 yards, but a long way.

What you do in that situation is you calmly bend over pick up the tee and walk back to join your group.  After all that is the hit you expected.  The rest of my group did not do as well.

I would love to say the rest of my round went as well.  Let us just say it is a good thing I have a large inventory of golf balls.  But it is all about the opening drive.  A good day.