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An 80s evening

We finally have the brief session of hot summer weather.  High today was 32 C.  No big deal as the humidity was maybe 40%  Turned on the AC for the first time but still comfortable to sit on the patio for the evening and dining.  Simple BBQ meal tonight so we could sit outside for an hour or so before the meal to listen to music on the Sonos.

Chose a music radio channel that plays music from the 80s.  As we sat there, me reading the Economist and Pat doing a super difficult monster sudoku we remarked that we knew all the songs being played.  Our kids played this music all the time and we seemed to listen to music all the time in the house in those days.

These days we seldom listen to current music except for brief times in the car.  I believe if we were listening to the music channel with the top hits of the 2010s I doubt If would recognize half of the songs.

The channel we were listening to was apparently doing the 80s from the beginning of the era.  When at the end of 2 hours as we were consuming the BBQ, they reached the stage where the songs involved guys that danced around with baggy pants apparently sewn together just above their knees.  Now maybe our kids liked that but we suddenly had the desire to finish up.  As it is a warm night we are later in our walk time so will take Little Reese for a walk on our favorite trail in Seal Bay.

Still kids, thank you for the music (granted no heavy metal sorry James) .

An old idiom

There is an old idiom that states “it is an ill wind that does not blow someone some good”  Maybe not the perfect wording but you get what I mean.

Covid 19 is obviously a serious situation.  People are dying and work and lives are disrupted.  Pat and I are missing all our holiday trips. Okay bad choice because the situation is far worse for others.

Still there are some good results. My brother and his wife are able to head off through BC in the summer in their RV trailer to access sites that are normally fully booked by American and German tourists in their rented RVs.  Apparently great camping sites which they have enjoyed.

My personal good story came today.  I hate my regular dental cleaning appointments.  They scrape around painfully on my gums while trying to amuse me with Global News on the TV over my head.

Literally I would rather have a Prostate examination than have my teeth scraped.  Apparently I am due, so when they called I said I was too concerned about Covid so postponed the next visit until late fall.  As I said, some good comes from bad times.

Wild Life Trade

I read in the news today that Vietnam has banned the consumption of wild life meat.  China has also banned this practice, particularly in Wuhan.  Trying to stop the next pandemic.

But I was thinking, what would happen if Canada did this.  I was golfing this week with a guy that was excited because he had a deer shooting license coming up.

We go to restaurants with Venison or Elk on the menu.  In parts of US the option of Wild Boar is available (which I have enjoyed in the past).

So ban all wild meat.  Does that mean my brother-in-law Michael cannot shoot and consume grouse?  Cancel all the caribou hunting for the Inuit? I expect we could ship them tons of the non meat burgers which are coming off factory assembly lines.  Maybe Soylent Green wafers will suffince.

I know if it is crazy talk, but would wild meat include seafood?  We bought and consumed wild caught prawns last weekend.

Granted I have never had an appetite for bats or monkey brains or orangutan steaks.. but I admit to having a Frog hot pot meal in Tianjin China (too many bones).

Still we have to be careful.  Good thing I am old.


Fitness Routine

For years I have been going to the Gym to work out 3 days a week in the morning.  Half hour of cardio and half hour of weights and stretches etc.  A routine.

Then along came March and the gym was closed.  Furthermore the hiking group stopped so aside from walking the dog, not much exercise.

The hiking activities are starting and I have brought up the bike from downstairs for rides every other day.  Problem is that where we live at the top of the ridge every ride culminates with an uphill climb.  I end up after half an hour at home, all sweaty.

So I am thinking maybe I should buy one of those electric battery bikes that are so popular around here.  Does the hard pedaling for you so I will arrive home fresh with just the glow from the early morning sunshine on my face.

Or maybe not.

Fresh Seafood

One of the great things about here in Paradise is the access to fresh seafood.  Granted it is not as great as it was a decade ago.

In order to support the fishing industry in Alaska, the US bought out almost all the commercial fishing licenses in BC.  No one really knew it at the time but suddenly 90% of the local fishing boats no longer went out.  So the opportunity to go down to the dock to get fresh salmon and ling cod and halibut kind of went away.  Still at least 2 fishing boats did not sell out and kept their licenses.  They head out and you can buy their catch at the dock if you make it in time.  They have standing orders from the good restaurants in the area and supply them first.

Right now it is Prawn season.  Pat and I went to the dock to pick up fresh prawns for dinner (it is Friday).  A line up of people buying their share.

First picture is the catch we brought home.  More than we need for one meal.  With no scale realize these are much bigger than my thumb.

So I did a saute with lots of garlic and green onions.  Once browned, added a cup of white wine and the prawns.  4 -5 minutes later and as they were curling up added a big slice of butter to make the sauce.

Served over Fettuccine.

It is a nice life here in Paradise .

Berry Picking

Summer has finally arrived.  This morning the wife and I, along with Reese, took Little Red for a run down the island.  Topless of course. Lots of sunshine.

This is the first trip where we have ventured out of the Valley since March 1.  2 1/2 hours south to Cobble Hill (north of Victoria) where there is a large Saskatoon Berry farm.

We went to U Pick the kind of delicious berries we grew up with in Saskatchewan.  You can pick blueberries anywhere around here, but you have to seek out Saskatoon berries.

Reese was not that great a help.  Like our grandsons when we took them many years ago, she got bored and had a nap in the shade.  (they just played tag in the rows)

We will be packaging up the haul this evening after some sorting to get rid of leaves etc.  Saskatoon Pie will be in our future.


Living through the times

News is still shocking about the Coronavirus situation but we soldier on here.  It is becoming less and less a concern here in the Valley.  While Pat and I still wear our masks when we go into stores,  few of the staff wear them and only seniors seem to follow.  Now that is kind of understandable.

We have not had a reported case locally in months and our local hospital has not had patient isolated let alone a death.  Part of it is the isolation that the Island has had and a lot is because there is no tourism going on up here.  Most of our friends have not ventured out of the community since February.  Restaurants are busy and our club activities are starting up.

Mask wearing is kind of accepted in the stores but you never see anyone wearing one on the street or on the many trails in the forest when we go walking.  And you never see anyone under the age of 50 wearing one.  I read in the paper the statistic that 96% of the deaths in Canada were seniors so younger people must think this can never hurt them.

I will grant you when I was young I did stupid things thinking I could never be hurt.   I am pretty sure I did not think of the chances of me dying as 1 in 200 by standing on top of a car racing down a dirt road as that bit a risk.  Let alone one in 2,000,000.

Blaine and Lisa are lucky (if you consider being lucky living on the disease ridden mainland lucky) because they get to see their boys and grand children regularly.   We hope we can visit our family in the fall.


A Sunny Sunday

It is no shock to hear that Western Canada has been experiencing a cool June and early July.  It was snowing in Banff yesterday.

I was talking to an old friend Phil in Ontario yesterday, who was complaining that it was hot and humid and he was having trouble sleeping.  (I remember those evenings in Ontario.)

This morning I woke up and it was overcast and cool, so put on a long sleeved shirt and pants.  Nothing special planned for the day.

But after lunch the sun came out and the skies cleared, so I changed into shorts.  We took Reese on a topless drive in Little Red in the countryside to a provincial park for a walk.  Lovely day.

I got out of the car and we started to walk, and I looked down.  I was in shorts with white running shoes….. and black socks.

It’s official… I am a senior.