News is still shocking about the Coronavirus situation but we soldier on here.  It is becoming less and less a concern here in the Valley.  While Pat and I still wear our masks when we go into stores,  few of the staff wear them and only seniors seem to follow.  Now that is kind of understandable.

We have not had a reported case locally in months and our local hospital has not had patient isolated let alone a death.  Part of it is the isolation that the Island has had and a lot is because there is no tourism going on up here.  Most of our friends have not ventured out of the community since February.  Restaurants are busy and our club activities are starting up.

Mask wearing is kind of accepted in the stores but you never see anyone wearing one on the street or on the many trails in the forest when we go walking.  And you never see anyone under the age of 50 wearing one.  I read in the paper the statistic that 96% of the deaths in Canada were seniors so younger people must think this can never hurt them.

I will grant you when I was young I did stupid things thinking I could never be hurt.   I am pretty sure I did not think of the chances of me dying as 1 in 200 by standing on top of a car racing down a dirt road as that bit a risk.  Let alone one in 2,000,000.

Blaine and Lisa are lucky (if you consider being lucky living on the disease ridden mainland lucky) because they get to see their boys and grand children regularly.   We hope we can visit our family in the fall.