Summer has finally arrived.  This morning the wife and I, along with Reese, took Little Red for a run down the island.  Topless of course. Lots of sunshine.

This is the first trip where we have ventured out of the Valley since March 1.  2 1/2 hours south to Cobble Hill (north of Victoria) where there is a large Saskatoon Berry farm.

We went to U Pick the kind of delicious berries we grew up with in Saskatchewan.  You can pick blueberries anywhere around here, but you have to seek out Saskatoon berries.

Reese was not that great a help.  Like our grandsons when we took them many years ago, she got bored and had a nap in the shade.  (they just played tag in the rows)

We will be packaging up the haul this evening after some sorting to get rid of leaves etc.  Saskatoon Pie will be in our future.