One of the great things about here in Paradise is the access to fresh seafood.  Granted it is not as great as it was a decade ago.

In order to support the fishing industry in Alaska, the US bought out almost all the commercial fishing licenses in BC.  No one really knew it at the time but suddenly 90% of the local fishing boats no longer went out.  So the opportunity to go down to the dock to get fresh salmon and ling cod and halibut kind of went away.  Still at least 2 fishing boats did not sell out and kept their licenses.  They head out and you can buy their catch at the dock if you make it in time.  They have standing orders from the good restaurants in the area and supply them first.

Right now it is Prawn season.  Pat and I went to the dock to pick up fresh prawns for dinner (it is Friday).  A line up of people buying their share.

First picture is the catch we brought home.  More than we need for one meal.  With no scale realize these are much bigger than my thumb.

So I did a saute with lots of garlic and green onions.  Once browned, added a cup of white wine and the prawns.  4 -5 minutes later and as they were curling up added a big slice of butter to make the sauce.

Served over Fettuccine.

It is a nice life here in Paradise .