I read in the news today that Vietnam has banned the consumption of wild life meat.  China has also banned this practice, particularly in Wuhan.  Trying to stop the next pandemic.

But I was thinking, what would happen if Canada did this.  I was golfing this week with a guy that was excited because he had a deer shooting license coming up.

We go to restaurants with Venison or Elk on the menu.  In parts of US the option of Wild Boar is available (which I have enjoyed in the past).

So ban all wild meat.  Does that mean my brother-in-law Michael cannot shoot and consume grouse?  Cancel all the caribou hunting for the Inuit? I expect we could ship them tons of the non meat burgers which are coming off factory assembly lines.  Maybe Soylent Green wafers will suffince.

I know if it is crazy talk, but would wild meat include seafood?  We bought and consumed wild caught prawns last weekend.

Granted I have never had an appetite for bats or monkey brains or orangutan steaks.. but I admit to having a Frog hot pot meal in Tianjin China (too many bones).

Still we have to be careful.  Good thing I am old.