There is an old idiom that states “it is an ill wind that does not blow someone some good”  Maybe not the perfect wording but you get what I mean.

Covid 19 is obviously a serious situation.  People are dying and work and lives are disrupted.  Pat and I are missing all our holiday trips. Okay bad choice because the situation is far worse for others.

Still there are some good results. My brother and his wife are able to head off through BC in the summer in their RV trailer to access sites that are normally fully booked by American and German tourists in their rented RVs.  Apparently great camping sites which they have enjoyed.

My personal good story came today.  I hate my regular dental cleaning appointments.  They scrape around painfully on my gums while trying to amuse me with Global News on the TV over my head.

Literally I would rather have a Prostate examination than have my teeth scraped.  Apparently I am due, so when they called I said I was too concerned about Covid so postponed the next visit until late fall.  As I said, some good comes from bad times.