We finally have the brief session of hot summer weather.  High today was 32 C.  No big deal as the humidity was maybe 40%  Turned on the AC for the first time but still comfortable to sit on the patio for the evening and dining.  Simple BBQ meal tonight so we could sit outside for an hour or so before the meal to listen to music on the Sonos.

Chose a music radio channel that plays music from the 80s.  As we sat there, me reading the Economist and Pat doing a super difficult monster sudoku we remarked that we knew all the songs being played.  Our kids played this music all the time and we seemed to listen to music all the time in the house in those days.

These days we seldom listen to current music except for brief times in the car.  I believe if we were listening to the music channel with the top hits of the 2010s I doubt If would recognize half of the songs.

The channel we were listening to was apparently doing the 80s from the beginning of the era.  When at the end of 2 hours as we were consuming the BBQ, they reached the stage where the songs involved guys that danced around with baggy pants apparently sewn together just above their knees.  Now maybe our kids liked that but we suddenly had the desire to finish up.  As it is a warm night we are later in our walk time so will take Little Reese for a walk on our favorite trail in Seal Bay.

Still kids, thank you for the music (granted no heavy metal sorry James) .