Everyone loves barbecue.  Great summer meals outside.

We have had thousands of BBQ meals .  Burgers, steaks, Lamb chops, wieners and shish kabobs.  But over the years I have been reluctant to BBQ Chicken aside from on skewers.

There is a reason for that.  A good steak only needs 8 minutes.  Hot dogs even less.  But BBQ chicken, even just thighs and drumsticks need an hour.  No idea why but that is what you need.

Bit of background.  60 years ago Blaine and I went with our parents to visit friends they had known from serving in WWII.  I cannot remember if this was in Tisdale or Swan River but it was in the boonies up north.  Remember Blaine and I were coming from the urban culture of Regina so really thought this was truly backwoods society.

The host had just acquired a new invention called a Hibachi.  On the night we visited he was preparing BBQ chicken over coals.  No matter how long he had the pieces on they turned into charcoal on the outside and raw chicken on the inside.  I mean really raw.

On the drive home, our father declared that BBQ was the worst thing ever and it took at least 15 years before he would try it in the backyard.  Blaine and I tried to convince him.

Chicken is difficult.  I have not made much an attempt over the years but tonight I did.  We had 4 skin on, bone in thighs and I made a south Carolina BBQ sauce (mostly mustard)

It did take an hour on the grill to get the thighs just right… but worth it.  And unlike those chicken pieces from 60 years ago, cooked through.