With all this time on my hands I am able to work on the latest model in the afternoon even in the summer.  Normally I put it away for the summer but times are as they are.

To those that did not read my earlier blog I am building a model of the French Corvette Sphinx from 1830.  This is a first for me as it is a steam side wheeler with full sails.  The hull is nearing completion and I have taken it from the building stand and mounted it on its permanent base.  In the past I would use turnings to mount to the base but choose this time to use the kind of display that simulates how the ship would look in a dry dock.  I kind of like it.

You will also note that the bottom of the hull is sheathed in copper plates.  I have had those thin pieces of copper in my inventory for 30 years and finally decided to use them.  Had to simulate the copper nails.  Over 300 little sheets.  Took some time.  And, of course I made a ship’s wheel that actually turns the rudder.  Not normal on a model.   Spaces on each side of the hull are where the paddle wheels will be mounted.  Click on picture to zoom.