A beautiful day here.

I arranged a small Miata run with a new member of our club through the country roads north of here to introduce him and his wife to the joy of their new MX5.   Stopped off first at the Merville Garlic festival.  Basically a farmers market featuring the best of the garlic growers in the valley plus lots of tents with fresh produce and a whole bunch of sauces and hippy products.

Then I led off further to a long winding country road that goes nowhere but is paved with lots of overhanging trees and small farms. Just a nice drive.

We passed a sign on one farm that advertised FARM FRESH BUTT NUGGETS!

We did not stop but pondered all the way home what this could be.  Had to look it up.  I guess we are naive, but it is a term for chicken eggs.  Go figure

Even at my age I learn something every… well let just us say… every week.