It is that time of year where the Himalayan Blackberry plants are ripe.  Now these plants are not native to BC but were introduced and have since become an invasive weed just like Scottish Broom. But its saving grace is that they produce millions of delicious berries.

They grow in recently forested areas or along trails where eventually they are going to be wiped out as housing goes in.  A short 5 minute walk from where we live there are hundreds of these plants.

Taking Reese for a stroll tonight we came down the path that is inundated with Blackberries.  The picture is a result of maybe 10 minutes of picking while trying to avoid the thorns.

We have these berries on cereal in the morning and on ice cream in the evening.  The kids may remember us taking them on this walk to pick berries a couple of years ago.  Since then the plants have doubled in size.  But only a couple more years for this luxury as housing is planned for that area.

Still nice treat within a short walk.