We grow tomatoes in a small fenced in area on the side of the house.  Fenced in because otherwise deer would eat them.

Over the years we put in 3 tomatoes plants.  Small grape sized varieties.  Normally we get wonderful tomatoes starting in June and they keep producing until October.  Go out and pick a handful for our salads or on sandwiches.

But the last week has been unusually hot and sunny (granted 32 C is not that hot) but with the sunshine the tomatoes are ripening faster than we can consume.  Patty picked this bunch today.

What do you do?  Well I will prepare bruschetta on a ciabatta bun and a pasta sauce tonight.  No canned pasta sauce for us. Plus a big chunk of chopped basil apparently growing like a weed in the back yard.

It is simmering as I write this.  I tasted the sauce and it is so sweet and so different from canned sauces.

I have matched it with my famous meat balls.  Pat is preparing a salad from a head of lettuce I picked up at a local market the size of a medicine ball.

Life does not get much better than this.