When we were young In Regina, there was always a concept at Christmas that there were two celebrations.  Our date for Christmas and then the Ukrainian Christmas which occurred a week or so later.  The theory was that they celebrated later so that turkeys and presents went on sale so they could save money.  An early version of boxing day sales.

As it happens our sister married a Ukrainian so our family followed the tradition.  Kept the lights up on the house (granted in late December in Regina you did not take lights down unless you wanted frost bite) Did not throw out the tree.  Everyone said you have to continue to celebrate until Ukrainian Christmas. 

My brother and I always hoped for a second gift giving, which never happened, but we did get another great meal with the addition of cabbage rolls.  

Anyway.. Pat and I are celebrating, Ukrainian Thanksgiving tonight.  Last week we went to Crown Isle clubhouse for the traditional Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey and ham and everything. 

Sure enough everything went on sale the following week.  So I bought a turkey and Pat is preparing the whole shebang.  Turkey and potatoes and Brussel Sprouts and all the fixings. 

The only thing missing is….  well.. family.   But we will have all the lovely leftovers that make this meal so special. 

The other thing missing is cabbage rolls, but you can only do so much for two people.