In the past I mentioned to my children..  if am ever convicted of murder.. and they have the death penalty.. I want a Turkey dinner with all the fixings as my last meal.

Great Turkey meals just go so far back in my memories of family dinners.  Love preparing the meal, and love consuming it with family and friends.

A couple of weeks ago we were facing upcoming Canadian Thanksgiving.  Well, not always having the opportunity of enjoying with family, we always had the meal with good friends.

But with the Covid issue going on, obviously not going to happen.  So a week or so before, I noticed that Crown Isle would serve a special Thanksgiving dinner at the clubhouse.  So I signed up for Pat and I.

It was very nice.  Turkey and ham and all the other things.  We sat at a table separated from others and wore a mask to get our portion at the buffet table.   Not the same thing.

So on Tuesday, I went out and bought a 5 kg (11lb) turkey.  We planned the week until the following Sunday when Pat could go into her thing.  Mushroom dressing and sweet potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts.  On Sunday we had the meal that we love, unfortunately without family or friends, but everything I would wish for as my final meal.  Great gravy…

Of course we were left with a lot of leftovers.  Repeat of the meal on Monday and then on Tuesday I made my famous Turkey Pot Pie, repeated Wednesday.  On Thursday Pat made a soup with spinach and veggies.  I made one of my loaves of bread.   Delicious.

During the week Patty delivered generous portions of turkey and dressing to a couple of her senior ladies friends that still live independently.   They loved it.

So here it is Saturday evening, and we are having a farewell to turkey dinner.  Turkey soup followed by pot pie with mashed potatoes (including yams and parsnips) — all leftovers.  What a meal, what a week.