Over the years we occasionally enjoy a Pizza evening without ordering in.  I admit we would buy a basic uncooked pizza at Costco or Thrifty’s and bring it home, augment with a few toppings and bake in the oven.  Good pizzas, but nothing spectacular.

When isolation came along in March I started to bake.  You may remember that period as you could not find toilet paper or flour or baking yeast.  Fortunately we had a bit of a supply that lasted until the panic was gone. (not the toilet paper I am speaking of the flour and yeast) 

I started to make pizza dough from scratch.  This included 10 minutes of kneading.  Now most people have machines for this, but I did it by hand.  Good exercise for my arthritic hands but do you have any idea how long 10 minutes last? 

So I started to do scratch pizzas once a month.  Even went out and bought a good Peel (see the picture)  

This morning I started the dough early.  Did the kneading and let it rest for 2 hours.  Knocked it down and let it rest for another 3 hours.  When I brought it out from the bowl the dough was the size of a basketball.  Rolled it out and put it on the pan.

Toppings are the kind you only get for the premium, over charged pizzas, you get at fine pizza establishments.  Two kinds of mozzarella, pepperoni slices, tomatoes from our garden, black olives, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes.   

Pizza to die for!  Granted if I charged myself by the hour in the preparation I would never pay this much at a restaurant.