Over the years, I have enjoyed Tempura in Japan and in meals over here.  Often the Tempura was part of a bento box or as an appetizer.  Always loved it.

It is Friday or, as we say around here, fish night.  Earlier this week I suggested Tempura for our Friday meal with some of the big shrimps that we have in the inventory. 

Patty said great, but forgetting that it is deep fried.  Mention deep fried to Pat, and she assumes she will wake up a widow the next day.

This morning I went off to pick up veggies. Small yams and zucchini and shitake mushrooms and broccoli.  Could not find Japanese eggplant.  But we had nice big shrimp. 

Turned out we did not have a proper thermometer for deep frying in the Wok, so I had to go out again and buy one.  (Granted it gave an excuse to take Reese for a walk on the estuary.)

I sliced all the veggies and prepared a batter (using cold soda water) and started the oil in the wok.

There is no question, I realized I had prepared too much, but once a plan is started you have to continue.

The picture is the result.  This is one of those stories where if we were living in the basement of one of our kids we could have called them and said, cancel everything and come on down.

Way too much food, but it was all delicious.  Not sure how leftovers will go over.  Of course if you have ever made Tempura in your kitchen, you will know it makes a huge mess.  Hence why I am writing this blog as the bride has banished me from the kitchen.