I realize that my blog family may be getting bored with my little details, but this is the part that I love and while I still have some control on my hands, the best part.

This week I made the smallest eyebolts I have ever done.  Total length 2 mm with an opening of .5 mm.  These will go on the back of the Carronade sleds on the model.  They are there so that the crew can hook on to the thwarts to pull the carronade back into position.

Carronades are smaller cannons used on smaller warships.  Less weight than a 1 ton long gun, but with short range.  Think of them as shotguns. Did not have wheels just slid back and forth on the platform that could be moved left and right to aim.

In the future I will give a long explanation of why Le Sphinx mounted these guns.  But just enjoy.

Unfortunately the only one I can thrill to show these details to, is Patty (well also my Blog family)…..;