Earlier today I phoned Rose, a member of our Probus group who is turning 100 this coming week.  Just a great lady, active golfer and bridge player.  The COVID issue has curtailed much of her outside activities, so she decided to move out of her house and into a senior retirement home.  One of the big reasons was the difficulty in cooking for one.  She was used to inviting people to join her as she loved to cook.  She is now in a good facility with 3 meals a day and lots of social opportunities.

I told her the story about when I phoned my mother when the last of our girls went off to University.  I was saying how difficult it was to prepare great meals for only two.

She replied, “try cooking for one!”  Good point.

Pat and I have learned a compromise.  BBQ and simple meals can be catered for just the two of us, but for the great meals we have to assume we will have leftovers.

Tonight (Sunday) is an example.  Earlier in the week I  came up with the concept that we should have a meal based on ground lamb.  Patty looked up one our favorites.

Pastitsio… a Greek casserole with lamb and penne and feta cheese and too many other ingredients to list.  Problem is that to make it properly, it will feed 8.

It was a wonderful dinner and we have 4 more meals to follow.  The secret to preparing a meal for two is a refrigerator.