With the advent of cold weather there are not a lot of activities that we can do with our Probus group.  Too wet for hiking and too cool for golf.

So Pat and I today joined the small bowling group for 5 pin fun.  Only every other lane is open and you are limited to 3 bowlers per lane and masks and lots of sterilizing.  So felt safe.

We have not been bowling for at least 45 years.  I thought it would be like riding a bike, but it is not.

When I was a teenager we did a lot of 5 pin bowling.  On Friday night you could take a date to the Norwood lanes and at 9pm they turned down the lights except over the pins.

I even prepared for today by watching The Big Lebowsky movie.  Two reasons why this did not work.  They were playing 10 pin, and they drank beer.

I mean, how hard can it be. Just roll a ball down a flat surface and knock down some pins.  Granted it would help if you could bounce off the side like playing pool, but no.  They put troughs down each side.  Just not fair.

I scored terrible.  Even Pat beat me on the first game (sorry Pat that sounds condescending).  I did not fall on my bum and in the second game managed a couple of strikes and a spare.

Still we had fun so I suspect we will join them next month again.