I did not include the term “Black Friday” in the title or I could possibly get hundreds of hits on my blog.  What a concept for sales. 

I remember when Boxing Day was the big sales day for bargains. 

At one time I thought we could hide the calendar from the kids and convince them that December 27 was Christmas so we could buy all their gifts at half price.  Unfortunately we were “rewarded” with children of intelligence so this never worked out.  Also the option of telling them we were actually Ukrainian with Christmas Day in January, also did not work.

Anyway I digress.  For some unusual reason, the first day of the Christmas season seems to start with American Thanksgiving and all the football games that go with it.  The next day you are supposed to rush out and buy, buy, buy as there is only 5 more weeks until December 25.  

We are being inundated with brochures and flyers advertising Black Friday bargains, but they no longer wait until the NFL games are played.  Such good prices.

I was telling Patty that we have to replace our 2 year old TV because just look at the deals.  She ignored me.  

We will not be participating in this frenzy and definitely will not line up at 6:30 am at Best Buy on Nov 27 for the true bargains.