Just before I retired I was in Detroit in January as I was taking our team to the Detroit Auto Show.  We were staying at a downtown hotel where we could walk to the Cobo center.

I decided I was going to walk around the block before we met in the lobby as a group. (big mistake in Detroit) 

I was walking down the street and a person of, well what is the term?. a person of underachievement, a person with little or no personal hygiene, a person wearing an assortment of ill fitting clothes… was walking or staggering towards me.  I took the safe route and stepped off the pavement to walk around him.  He started screaming at me that I was.. well let me translate.  An elitist or a person with no sympathy.  He ended up following me to the lobby yelling all the way.

Today I was taking Reese for a walk around the college.  On the sidewalk when we came across someone or a group coming the other way, one or the other steps off to keep space.  Nodding thanks.  What a change in society.