I have been reading about this historic event when Saturn and Jupiter combine in the sky. Something to see.  A rare conjunction.

Admittedly, in Paradise in December we often have overcast skies and rain.  You have to accept the good with the bad.

But last evening there was a break in the sky and with all the rain the air was pure and clean.  I spotted Jupiter in the sky to the west clear and bright as a spotlight.  I loaded up Pat and Reese in Big Red to drive 5 minutes north to be in dark skies where, using my binoculars, we could enjoy the vision of Jupiter and Saturn with the rings.  A once in 800 year opportunity.

Unfortunately the clouds rolled in as we drove and we did not get to see it.  Reese was a little concerned as we unloaded in a dark parking lot and walked around.  Not to happen. 

I doubt if Pat and I will have another opportunity in 800 years to see this.