When it rains here, and lets face it, it rains a lot in winter here in Paradise, we get a visit from a Pileated Woodpecker that chooses to ply its trade high up under the eaves above our bedroom.  No idea why, as it pounds on the hardy board where there are no insects.  But it taps away on the wall.  You lie in bed in the morning and hear this tapping on the wall.  

I get up and go out on the patio into the pouring rain and shout “shoo” and it flies away.  Later it comes back to bug me when I am having my afternoon nap.  

It only does this when it is pouring rain, and it is too wimpy to get wet while working on a tree.  Ratta tatta tat. 

Nature.  Some people like it.

Adult male Pileated Woodpecker